Getting Into Reddit

Introduction to Reddit

In terms of popularity, it is in the sixth place amongst all the popular websites in the United States. Reddit is a platform, it’s mostly a collection of forums and people from various backgrounds share the contents or comment on the other people’s posts or update news on this platform. Reddit also has very popular advertising opportunities via Reddit Advertising.

Millions of subreddits come together and make the whole community which is called Reddit. Different subreddits covers different topics of interest. For example, if your interest is a Barbie doll then you have a subreddit which is termed like /r/barbie doll. Any subreddit starts with /r/ symbol, Reddit uses this as a part of the URL which gets the user on the Reddit page. When you try to use something new you’ll have to learn from the initial state and with Reddit, it is the same.

So to start with the home page consists of all the famous and trending subreddits posts including news, videos, memes blogs, etc., which are liked by many people. You can sort out these posts according to your interest, also there will be an option which will help you to sort the posts by selecting new, top, rising, best and many more.

There is a search bar at the top of the website so that you can search the topic of your interest. There are a few criteria that you have to meet before posting anything on the Reddit page. The first criterion is you need to have a credit account and the second criteria are that your account should be at least 30 days old. And the third criterion is that your account must be active and it should earn a minimum number of points which is called Karma for the particular post that you have posted. The minimum and maximum points are decided by Reddit. Volunteers who work for Reddit are called moderators who have all the right to filter the content which is getting posted on the website and they have the right to remove the post or any content which they feel that is abusive or a provocative. They have the power to completely ban a subreddit if they feel that this is somewhere abusive or hurting the feelings of humans.

Boost Your subreddit

The up and down arrows can be seen next to any post in a subreddit and in between these two arrows you will also get to see a number. The users of Reddit can upvote or downvote the post according to their likes or dislike and the number is the sum of upvotes and downvotes.

The Karma in the Reddit website will help you to Boost Your subreddit in the Reddit community.

Like most of the social media has even Reddit has its very own language. The people who use Reddit, talk in a language which uses abbreviations such as TIL, OP, AMA;  abbreviations mean, “today I learned”, “original poster” and “ask me anything”. The above-given abbreviations are one of the most popular features used in Reddit. The “ask me anything” thread is popular for the most famous personalities like politicians or movie actors or actresses or maybe someone who has amazing life experience. Sometimes you might find very humorous and notorious interviews among these threads.

Supporting the Reddit community

To support the community of Reddit you can also purchase a membership program that comes at $6 a month. The users who opt for this premium membership will get to access the features which are not even released by Reddit yet. And yes the ads are completely gone you will never see an ad when you pay for a premium membership. And if you do not want to pay for this it comes for free as well and it’s an amazing group for everyone to talk to each other to share facts and many more. In recent days it has become a popular platform amongst the youth.

If you feel that Reddit is is your kind of a page then you are always invited to join the group. What you have to do is just click on the sign-up button which is available on the top right corner of the main Reddit website page. Then you just need to follow the instructions which are given to you and yes that it also has an option of creating many users that is multiple users with different names. You can set up multiple accounts and create many subreddits and participate in spreading positivity and awareness in the Reddit world. When you get signed in for the first time on Reddit then you will have options on which boards to choose according to your interest so that, the home page will consist of the subreddits of your interest.