The Joys of Custom-Made Furniture

Are you the type of person who likes to see their personal sense of style and individuality reflected in the design of their home? If so, chances are that you would prefer to have custom designed furniture versus something you would buy from a catalogue or chain store.

If you are not yet sold on the joys of custom-made furniture, here are a few points that might help to change your mind:

Perfectly suited to your needs

With custom-made furniture, there is no need to compromise. You simply order what you want, choose the dimensions, and the final result performs exactly whatever function you need it to. Ready-made furniture can often be taken home right away, but there is almost always an element of compromise where you may end up with one piece that does not really suit your needs at all and another that only partially does. Custom-made furniture completely eliminates that situation. Got something you need to fit into a sharp corner? Not a problem! A craftsman works with you to plan and design the piece so it works perfectly in that spot.

Supporting local craftsmen

Most ready-made furniture is created overseas in factories by the thousands using machinery. If you choose to have your furniture custom-made, you are supporting local businesses and who would not want to help Canadian-owned firms, particularly when so many of them do excellent work? Especially if much of their work is done the old-fashioned way?

Spruce up your old furniture

In addition to having all-new furniture created, you can also have your old furniture repaired, revitalized, and just all around brought back to life. Damage repaired, a new coat of paint, new finish…if you believe in conservation, it is entirely possible to keep your old furniture both functional and looking good for years to come.