Meet The Tiles Trending for 2017

Tiles have quickly become a widely used material in homes due to its durability, sustainability and resistance to scratches and stains and low maintenance. They are available in endless colours, textures, patterns and looks.

Thin Tiles
Also referred to as gauged tile, it is easy and fast to install and can be installed on top of a preexisting wall or floor tiles because it is lightweight. They usually start at a thickness of 2.5mm for walls and about 6mm for floors.

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Nature Inspired look
An upcoming trend for this year is using tile to create a design inspired by nature. Many designers use tiles that mimic natural elements like the sky, greenery, wood and other neutral and earthy tones.

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Beige and Neutral
In this scenario beige doesn’t necessary mean morning. Neutral tones are a staple for spaces with bold statements, this way you can balance the overall design.

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Bold Statements
Tiles come in every print, colour and hue imaginable. Arranging them in a pattern or using bold colours bring a dynamic element to any design and room.

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Textured Tile
Tile manufacturers now have the ability to give tiles new textures. Home owners can now bring their rooms and designs to life.The use of oxidized and rusted metal, fabric, glass and mores is becoming very popular.

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Allure Decorative Sheet Features Multi-use On-Trend Designs

Are you looking to enhance your home inside and out? Freedom Outdoor Living has just released a newly designed Allure Decorative panel that is suitable for use inside or out. Weather it be an enhancement on your deck or porch or a new feature in your living/family room.

Allure Decorative Sheet Features Multi-use On-Trend Design

The allure is functional and durable, it comes in 2’ x 4’ sheets are easy to install. You can use them vertically or horizontally and are 2x as thick as a plastic lattice. Allure is able to adapt to any environment with minimal expansion and contraction. Allure is also built to resist rot, splitting, discoloration and scratching. This is a low maintenance, impact resistance option to spruce up any space in your home.

Allure Decorative Sheet Featu Multi-use On-Trend Design

It is available is four colours – white, black, clay and saddle. Allure is also paint-able to you can easily customize it to match any of your home projects.

Five Home Improvement Trends for 2017

Home improvement and design are constantly changing and developing, here are 5 trends for home improvement that are on the rise for 2017.
1. Matte finishes make their move : polished granite, sparkling chrome, and gleaming sleek stainless have been favorite finishes for years. That changes this year with the quick rise of matte finishes. Beyond appliances, matter finishes were on a wide array of fixtures and surfaces.

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2. Induction cooking : induction cooking has been high on consumer reports for several years. Its precision heating and control gives it praise beyond any cook top in the market. The only downside is the price, it often costs twice and much as standard gas or electric.
3. Smaller but fancier homes : for the first time since 2009 the average size of new homes in 2016 went down. Homes were being built much larger than what typical homeowners were interested in buying. Looking for smaller homes with flexible floor plans will benefit you.

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4. Mix and match appliances: kitchen appliances are becoming more modular, allowing homeowners to mix and match their placement in new helpful ways.
5. The greener the better : another trend that is quickly becoming popular is indoor gardening and plants. The more plants the better and cozy your home feels. As well gardening herbs in your very own kitchen has become a new trend.

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Looking For Log Cabin Plans And Designs

There are any amount of good reasons for choosing a log cabin as the perfect new building for your garden. Log cabins are both versatile and beautiful and will transform and add an extra dimension to your garden.

The big difference between garden log cabins and garden sheds is that the logs used to construct log cabins tend to be much thicker than those used for sheds, often ranging from 19mm all the way up to 70mm. Most garden sheds are constructed from panels which are about 10mm thick.

One of the more popular uses of a log cabin is storage. These storage sheds can be well-ventilated and protect your belongings from heat damage as a result of their windows and doors. They are pleasant to look at, and have the double use of storing things and decorating the garden. You can fill the storage shed with things you don’t need out all the time, such as winter items. Log cabins provide storage space for things like bicycles and other outside equipment. Since it will be outside in your garden area anyway, another excellent use because it is to keep garden supplies in it. Your porch won’t have to be littered with wheel-barrows and shovels anymore. Store it all neatly inside your cosy little log cabin. Some larger log cabins are even designed to accommodate for car storage.

When warm weather has come, people often enjoy just sitting out in their garden. Some log cabin sheds have many windows and make the perfect place to sit in the shadows and look out upon the landscape. There are some that are available with little porches, so they can be used only for storage on the interior and a place to relax on the outside.

Of course, to make a garden log cabin the perfect place to relax you could consider including a bar. Some people go all out and have a bar complete with bar stools; others find the simpler solution is to add a small fridge for drinks. However it’s done, most people find they have created the perfect place to spend their spare time.

Price is the reason that many people decide against a log cabin and opt for a cheaper shed for their garden. There is no disguising the fact that a log cabin is a reasonably expensive product, but when you weigh up the advantages and cons, you understand that it is far better value than the initial price suggests.

A log cabin will last longer than a shed if properly looked after. Most people find that they spend a great deal more quality time in a log cabin. Similar descriptions are rarely given to garden sheds. Overall, if you played in the extra quality of the building, along with its longer life, the log cabin is a large value purchase that is worth every penny.

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