For the Love of Cottages

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect vacation. Mine takes place at our family’s traditional, wooden cottage in Southampton, Ontario along Lake Huron. I love everything about our cottage, from its location to the neighbours, to our traditional wooden furniture that provides the perfect rustic look and feel. Because that is important when you want to escape the city and everything that reminds you of the hustle and bustle.

My main goal, however, is to do as little as possible. The cottage provides that rare chance to slow down and appreciate everything around you. I love the sound of the fog horn, the birds in the trees, and the cool evening breeze. I feel so relaxed up here that it is truly a home away from home.

A Second Home

Your primary home will always be important, but for many of us cottage owners, our heart really belongs to our vacation dwelling. I just gravitate towards the cottage because of the stress-free escape it offers. The closest thing I experience to anxiety is remembering that everything downtown closes by 6:00.

I also love the familiarity of life up here. Some people might call that boring, but it’s actually quite comforting to know that I can count on the fact that there will be nothing out of the ordinary to disrupt my relaxation routine.

Lounging by the Lake

Even after coming up here for so many years, I never take the pleasures of the lake for granted. I only swim a handful of times each summer, but I sit by the lake and watch the waves almost daily. The rhythmic in and out of the water puts my mind at ease. I also enjoy feeding the seagulls, even though we are not supposed to do that.

Time with Your Children

Time with my kids at the cottage was always magical. They are adults now and one has children of her own, so I get to relive that magic with two lovely grandchildren. I can already tell that the magic of this part of the country will mean just as much to them.