Meet The Tiles Trending for 2017

Tiles have quickly become a widely used material in homes due to its durability, sustainability and resistance to scratches and stains and low maintenance. They are available in endless colours, textures, patterns and looks.

Thin Tiles
Also referred to as gauged tile, it is easy and fast to install and can be installed on top of a preexisting wall or floor tiles because it is lightweight. They usually start at a thickness of 2.5mm for walls and about 6mm for floors.

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Nature Inspired look
An upcoming trend for this year is using tile to create a design inspired by nature. Many designers use tiles that mimic natural elements like the sky, greenery, wood and other neutral and earthy tones.

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Beige and Neutral
In this scenario beige doesn’t necessary mean morning. Neutral tones are a staple for spaces with bold statements, this way you can balance the overall design.

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Bold Statements
Tiles come in every print, colour and hue imaginable. Arranging them in a pattern or using bold colours bring a dynamic element to any design and room.

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Textured Tile
Tile manufacturers now have the ability to give tiles new textures. Home owners can now bring their rooms and designs to life.The use of oxidized and rusted metal, fabric, glass and mores is becoming very popular.

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