Outdoor Furniture Sets?


Shopping for outdoor furniture Sydney residents want to own is made easy when you see what you’re looking for. When you know this you’ll be in a position to save yourself a great deal of time and effort and obtain the furniture that you want quickly and easily. So here is the guide outdoor furniture Sydney residents are interested in buying.

There are many styles to choose from-remember this and to attempt to take a look at examples of many different styles from hand woven rattan furniture and wicker furniture to stylish metal framed furniture that you will be able easily accessorise using cushions.

and that’s just the beginning…

You should look at the delivery cost and terms. This can often be where the cost can really start to mount up when you’re looking for outdoor furniture Sydney. So check that the retailer that you’re buying from can believe that Sydney firstly and then find out how much this will cost you. If you’re buying online you could see that the delivery cost is free if you spend over a certain level of money on your outdoor furniture.


Buying from online sources is always cheaper than buying from stores and shops because the online sources don’t have high overhead costs.

Make sure that you get furniture that is suitable for outside use. This might sound like it is clear but there are a number of people who’ll assume that wicker items or rattan items are all suitable for outdoor use when they’re not. So check the description of the item that you’re interested in to make sure that that hand woven sun bed can be left outside in all weather conditions. So even if an item indicates that it is an outdoor lounge chaise for example it must be weatherproof or you’ll have to find somewhere to store it when it isn’t in use.

Compare prices of outdoor furniture Sydney to obtain the best deal possible. Whenever you’re looking for outdoor furniture Sydney retail suppliers are selling you need to compare the cost of the item that you’re interested in. Doing this will work to ensure that you’re getting the best price possible and not getting ripped off by retailers who’ve inflated the cost of their outdoor furniture.

Buy in sets as this can work out to be cheaper for you. This can also mean that you’re able to obtain a great outdoor dining set or a lounge set for less money than it would cost to buy all of these items separately. So instead of i’m looking at the single items of outdoor furniture Sydney take a look at the impact and find out how much money you could stand to save by purchasing them. Do this and you’d be very surprised at the outcome.

You should also be aware of the fact that although they look the same wicker outdoor furniture and rattan furniture are different. Wicker is made using a procedure that will shape material to look like a cane whereas rattan is an actual living plant that is a relative of the palm. Both can be used successfully for outdoor furniture which is why they’re both so popular with those who want quality outdoor items that will look good for years to come.

Another important feature of wicker outdoor furniture that you need to take into account is the cushions that are on the seating, if the items that you want have them that is. Without these cushions this type of furniture can be very uncomfortable because it is woven and’s got a lot of ridges on it. If your furniture doesn’t come with cushions you’re strongly advised to purchase them and use them with the seats. You can find something suitable quite easily. However, make sure that you see the measurements of the seats of the furniture you’re buying for. Do this and you’ll be in a position to get cushions in different colours that will make your garden furniture look absolutely amazing.

Make sure you’re only buying quality outdoor furniture Sydney residents love. Poorly made products won’t last very long and you could find that you’re having to buy new furniture in the late year. Remember that a good deal isn’t a good deal if you’re going to buy furniture twice.


Top 7 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

According to the US Department of Energy, Americans spend more than $29 billion each year on air conditioning. There are several things a homeowner can do to keep their homes cool during the summer without increasing their bill.
1. Use a programmable thermostat : It is a good idea to use a programmable thermostat and raise the temperature when you aren’t home. This prevents the house from unnecessarily cooling when no one is home.

2. Turn on ceiling fans : If they are used in conjunction with an air conditioning system, the fans are very effective at lower your indoor temperature. In the summer, ceiling fan blades should rotate counterclockwise to push cool air down to the floor.

3. Postpone the use of appliances: There are three major heat generating appliances in the home; oven, dishwasher and dryer. It is best to use these devices in the evening rather than the hottest part of he day.
4. Keep the doors inside the home open : While in the winter, closing interior doors helps keep heat in specific rooms. Doing so in the hot summer months is detrimental to your cause. You want air to flow freely through rooms and throughout the entire home. Good airflow means a cooler home.

5. Change air filters regularly :  Clogged filters will force the air conditioning system to work harder and use more energy, resulting in higher utility bills. Clean filters also improve indoor air quality.
6. Check the window coverings: Thermal drapes, cellular shades or blackout curtains will keep the heat outside and the cool air inside your home.

7. Schedule an air conditioner tune-up : Proper HVAC maintenance, which includes having a professional clean coils, fins, air filters and check for the proper refrigerant charge, is the best way to ensure that the unit runs efficiently and effectively.

“Vacation Colours” Bring The Happiness Back Home

Although we can’t stay on vacation indefinitely but you can definitely enjoy the colours of your favourite getaway even after you return home, by incorporating them into your decor.

Debbie Zimmer, design expert with the Paint Quality Institute, who has employed the technique in her own home. Zimmer sees it as a way to extend a special vacation. Zimmer says that painting a room in two colours reminiscent of your favourite destination is almost like being on permanent vacation. This helps to recapture the good vibes from your vacation in your own home.

The colour of one’s surrounding has long been known to have strong psychological effect. That’s why so many restaurants are painted red (it increases the appetite) and breakfast rooms are often yellow (it improves our mood).  Zimmer’s vacation colors work in somewhat the same way. We leave our best vacations with fond memories of the places we visit.  Adopting colors that – consciously or subconsciously — recall those surroundings brings back positive associations that make us happy.


If you’re pining for a past vacation place, close your eyes and picture it in your mind.  Very likely, certain colors jump out at you:
Beach vacations are typically characterized by bright blue skies and sparkling blue or green water, with the white of the sand an important accent. Memories of mountain trips may recall a wide array of greens ranging from dark shades of jade to lighter tints like mint; or, if your visit was in the fall, rustic reds and burnt orange, interspersed with yellow highlights. Travels in desert locales such as the American Southwest may stir up memories of warm earthy colors – from tan to terra cotta, with some sage green or even gray mixed in, often punctuated with bright red or classic turquoise.

Your color recollections may match or deviate from these common impressions.  But Zimmer advises that you be true to your personal takeaway from your time away.  That’s what you want to replicate in your vacation color scheme at home.

Start with the all-important wall color:  The primary hue should be characteristic – even emblematic — of the place you’re channeling, for example, dusky tan for the desert, or bright blue for the beach.

vacation home paint

That’s not to say you need to settle on just one paint color for your walls.  You can incorporate a second essential hue by painting an accent wall.  Or, if you’re lucky enough to have chair rails, you can apply one critical color above the rail and the other below.

Any and all trim in your interior presents more painting possibilities.  Secondary shades from your vacation spot can find their way onto everything from baseboards to built-ins (bookcases, shelving, and the like).

If you want to go all in, select furnishings, fabrics, and accent pieces that recall not just the color palette, but also the style of your special place.  Although not entirely necessary, this can be some of the best fun of all.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Backyard

Each summer, a large number of children participate in outdoor activities. While many children end up spending their summer at a camp, there are others who stay right in their own backyard. Whether your child is only five years, or fifteen, you’ll needs to find activities that will keep them occupied outdoors, throughout the summer.

If you’re interested in planning your child’s summer activities, you’re in luck. There are literally an unlimited number of backyard activities that your child, their friends, or their siblings could participate in. Popular summer activities include swimming, playing outdoor sports, playing water games, or relaxing outdoors. There is a good chance that your child will enjoy participating in one or several of these summertime activities.


Our DIY Gazebo kits are very popular and allow you to take the satisfaction of building it with your own hands. Our kits come with a detailed instruction manual and with everything else you need. You just need to buy a few bags of concrete from you local hardware for the posts. If you find DIY laborious, you can always depend on our network of installers worldwide.

While it is important to plan your child’s summer activities, it is likewise important to reflect on what they’ll be eating. Unfortunately, summer is when most children resort to unhealthy eating habits. What is even worse about unhealthy summertime eating is that it’s the worse possible time to eat unhealthy. In hot conditions, it is not difficult to become dehydrated. Caffeinated beverages and sugar drinks don’t help to quench thirst despite what many individuals believe. In fact, many sugary drinks will still leave you thirsty.

When it comes to drinks, the choice perfect would be water. Water is important during the summertime, particularly when it is warm outside. Even though water is good for the body, there are children who don’t like the taste of it. If you’re the parent of any such children, you may wish to try experimenting with flavored water. Flavored water is available in a variety of different flavors. In most retail stores, for a fair price, you ought to be able to find water with strawberry, citrus, grape, raspberry, or mixed berry flavors. If even if your child doesn’t like traditional water, there exists a good chance that they would enjoy the taste of flavored water.

In addition to drinks, it is also important to reflect on the food or snacks that your child should have. While enjoying backyard activities, there are a number of families who choose to have a barbeque. A barbeque is a great idea. However, it can require a relatively large amount of time and planning. If you’re unable to plan a barbeque, you may wish to consider just having a collection of snacks on hand. Depending on the kinds of snacks you choose, you and your child could enjoy a tasty, but healthy treat.

If low-cost snacks are what you’re looking for, you should visit local dollar stores or discount stores. Many of these stores are great places to get amazing deals despite what you may think. You will find that many discount stores and dollar stores have packages of cookies and bags of chips or pretzels for a reasonable price. However, it is important to keep in mind that these snacks aren’t always ideal for a healthy diet. For a healthier option, try sugar free cookies or low salt pretzels.

The above mentioned snacks are ideal not only because they easy to afford, but also because they’re convenient. When your child is done, they can just close the package and then return to what they were doing. If you and your child are able to take a moment out of the day, fruits and vegetables make for tasty, but healthy snacks. In fact, there are also a number of different dips that you can use. Low fat vegetable dip and peanut butter are tasty toppings for many fruits and vegetables.

As previously mentioned, it is important to stay hydrated in the summer. Regardless of which foods and drinks you provide for your child’s next backyard adventure, it is important that they stay hydrated and full. Not only will promoting healthy eating habits ensure that your child eats right, but it may also contribute to make their backyard outings more pleasant.

Home Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Upgrading your home is always an expense, but what if your upgrades were saving you money? Enhancing your home’s energy efficient features is a great way to make it a more livable space while making a smaller impact on the environment and even better your bank account!

It is estimated that the average American homeowner spends about $2,000 a year on energy for heating, cooling and other power needs in their home. Often there are many inefficiencies caused by poor operating systems and other energy drains that may account for as much as 10-20 percent of wasted money per a year.

Whether your motivation is too reduce your home energy expenses or have a more earth-conscious lifestyle there are many ways you can make a significant impact on your home’s energy efficiency.

Faulty seals and cracks can be responsible up to 20 percent of air infiltration into or out of the home. If a window replacement isn’t in your budget there are still other options to prevent energy inefficiency. Adding storm windows can reduce the amount of heat loss in your home through windows by as much as 25-50 percent. Caulking and adding weather stripping around the windows can also make a noticeable difference, as can window coverings such as blinds and drapes.

energy efficent windows
Like windows, doors especially their perimeters are common sources of energy loss. Poor insulation due to faulty installation or wear over time can contribute to energy loss. Aside from ensuring that your doors are properly insulated  and sealed, the door itself can make a very big difference. A foam insulted door offers greater energy conservation than a wooden door would. Remember that proper sealing and installation applies to all access points including the garage door.
The ceiling is often an overlooked home element, but one that is gathering more attention quickly. It is an ideal space to integrate energy-efficient features such as skylights. Skylights engage all senses while providing balanced, natural light that reduces reliance on powered light and ventilation fixtures. In addition, skylights can work in concert with vertical windows to create the “chimney effect” where cool, fresh air enters through vertical windows and warm, stale air escapes from the skylights, cooling your home without using electricity.

energy efficent ceiling
HVAC System
Climate control can account for as much as half of the average home’s annual energy costs. An outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, or a system that isn’t big enough or strong enough for your home’s footprint, will draw more energy than necessary to maintain a desirable temperature. Regular service can help keep systems operating smoothly, but eventually all HVAC systems need replacing.

Three Painting Tips for the Three-day Weekend

Three day weekends are the perfect excuse to get a head start on a home project, fix odds and ends or just freshen up a coat of paint somewhere in your home.  These three tips will make painting fun and easy.

1. Pair and Sample Colours : Make sure to sample and pair before your actual painting day. This will save you a lot of time, effort and heartbreak. Knowing what colours you like and which ones will look good on the walls is very important. Lay out your colour chips on the floor to see which colours complement your flooring. Also consider purchasing sample paint and swatching it on the walls, see if you like it and it looks good. Living with the colour on the wall is a great way to see if you like the colour and if it will suit the space.

pro paint tips for a three day weekend
2. Measure the Right Amount : You have settled on your colour choice but now the question is how much paint will you need to purchase. You don’t want to buy too much or too little. A little tip is that if you are going to use more than one gallon of paint, it is a good idea to mix the cans together. Often there can be a colour discrepancy between the cans and this will allow for a more flawless finish. Also check out this handy paint calculator to help you get the perfect amount of paint.

pro paint tips for a three day weekend
3. Know What Your Going to Do : Make sure you have everything planned out and prepared. Have your walls taped and prepared, this will make it easier and faster for you to get the painting done. Having a plan of what you need to do always makes it easier for you to get the job finished and enjoy your new space.



Meet The Tiles Trending for 2017

Tiles have quickly become a widely used material in homes due to its durability, sustainability and resistance to scratches and stains and low maintenance. They are available in endless colours, textures, patterns and looks.

Thin Tiles
Also referred to as gauged tile, it is easy and fast to install and can be installed on top of a preexisting wall or floor tiles because it is lightweight. They usually start at a thickness of 2.5mm for walls and about 6mm for floors.

tile, tends, 2017, thin tile, thin trend, tile trends for 2017
Nature Inspired look
An upcoming trend for this year is using tile to create a design inspired by nature. Many designers use tiles that mimic natural elements like the sky, greenery, wood and other neutral and earthy tones.

tile, trends, 2017, tile trends 2017, natuer inspired look, natuer

Beige and Neutral
In this scenario beige doesn’t necessary mean morning. Neutral tones are a staple for spaces with bold statements, this way you can balance the overall design.

tile, trends, 2017, tile trends 2017, beige and neutral, beige, neutral, beige and neutral trend
Bold Statements
Tiles come in every print, colour and hue imaginable. Arranging them in a pattern or using bold colours bring a dynamic element to any design and room.

tile, trends, 2017, tile trends 2017, bold, bold trend, bold tile trend
Textured Tile
Tile manufacturers now have the ability to give tiles new textures. Home owners can now bring their rooms and designs to life.The use of oxidized and rusted metal, fabric, glass and mores is becoming very popular.

tile, trends, 2017, tile trends 2017, textured, textured tile, textured tile

Allure Decorative Sheet Features Multi-use On-Trend Designs

Are you looking to enhance your home inside and out? Freedom Outdoor Living has just released a newly designed Allure Decorative panel that is suitable for use inside or out. Weather it be an enhancement on your deck or porch or a new feature in your living/family room.

Allure Decorative Sheet Features Multi-use On-Trend Design

The allure is functional and durable, it comes in 2’ x 4’ sheets are easy to install. You can use them vertically or horizontally and are 2x as thick as a plastic lattice. Allure is able to adapt to any environment with minimal expansion and contraction. Allure is also built to resist rot, splitting, discoloration and scratching. This is a low maintenance, impact resistance option to spruce up any space in your home.

Allure Decorative Sheet Featu Multi-use On-Trend Design

It is available is four colours – white, black, clay and saddle. Allure is also paint-able to you can easily customize it to match any of your home projects.

Five Home Improvement Trends for 2017

Home improvement and design are constantly changing and developing, here are 5 trends for home improvement that are on the rise for 2017.
1. Matte finishes make their move : polished granite, sparkling chrome, and gleaming sleek stainless have been favorite finishes for years. That changes this year with the quick rise of matte finishes. Beyond appliances, matter finishes were on a wide array of fixtures and surfaces.

home, improvment, trends, 2017, matte, finish,
2. Induction cooking : induction cooking has been high on consumer reports for several years. Its precision heating and control gives it praise beyond any cook top in the market. The only downside is the price, it often costs twice and much as standard gas or electric.
3. Smaller but fancier homes : for the first time since 2009 the average size of new homes in 2016 went down. Homes were being built much larger than what typical homeowners were interested in buying. Looking for smaller homes with flexible floor plans will benefit you.

home,improvment, trends, 2017, smaller, fanicer, houses
4. Mix and match appliances: kitchen appliances are becoming more modular, allowing homeowners to mix and match their placement in new helpful ways.
5. The greener the better : another trend that is quickly becoming popular is indoor gardening and plants. The more plants the better and cozy your home feels. As well gardening herbs in your very own kitchen has become a new trend.

home, improvment,trends, 2017, plants

Looking For Log Cabin Plans And Designs

There are any amount of good reasons for choosing a log cabin as the perfect new building for your garden. Log cabins are both versatile and beautiful and will transform and add an extra dimension to your garden.

The big difference between garden log cabins and garden sheds is that the logs used to construct log cabins tend to be much thicker than those used for sheds, often ranging from 19mm all the way up to 70mm. Most garden sheds are constructed from panels which are about 10mm thick.

One of the more popular uses of a log cabin is storage. These storage sheds can be well-ventilated and protect your belongings from heat damage as a result of their windows and doors. They are pleasant to look at, and have the double use of storing things and decorating the garden. You can fill the storage shed with things you don’t need out all the time, such as winter items. Log cabins provide storage space for things like bicycles and other outside equipment. Since it will be outside in your garden area anyway, another excellent use because it is to keep garden supplies in it. Your porch won’t have to be littered with wheel-barrows and shovels anymore. Store it all neatly inside your cosy little log cabin. Some larger log cabins are even designed to accommodate for car storage.

When warm weather has come, people often enjoy just sitting out in their garden. Some log cabin sheds have many windows and make the perfect place to sit in the shadows and look out upon the landscape. There are some that are available with little porches, so they can be used only for storage on the interior and a place to relax on the outside.

Of course, to make a garden log cabin the perfect place to relax you could consider including a bar. Some people go all out and have a bar complete with bar stools; others find the simpler solution is to add a small fridge for drinks. However it’s done, most people find they have created the perfect place to spend their spare time.

Price is the reason that many people decide against a log cabin and opt for a cheaper shed for their garden. There is no disguising the fact that a log cabin is a reasonably expensive product, but when you weigh up the advantages and cons, you understand that it is far better value than the initial price suggests.

A log cabin will last longer than a shed if properly looked after. Most people find that they spend a great deal more quality time in a log cabin. Similar descriptions are rarely given to garden sheds. Overall, if you played in the extra quality of the building, along with its longer life, the log cabin is a large value purchase that is worth every penny.

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…And Even More Log Cabin Designs Things