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The exterior of your home is as important if not more so in regards to your house’s value. Gardens and their included features play a crucial role in adding value to your house and making outdoor spaces inviting and enjoyable. Below are a few projects to spruce up your garden and add worth to your home.

The first step in improving your home’s outdoor spaces is to analyse the plant life. Gardens are meant to flourish and is expected to be full of plants that can thrive in your climate and within their specific location in your backyard. Choose plants not only in order to their beauty but also in order to their growth qualities. The amount of sunshine, temperatures, and water should be taken into account when choosing plant life for your garden.

To transform a garden into a space to linger, consider adding non-living features such as a fire pit or water feature. These pieces combined with a seating area can enhance a plant plot and give year-round enjoyment even when plants go out of season. Water features can also incorporate irrigation and decrease the necessary maintenance in your garden which will add value to the space itself and your home.

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Walkways not only serve a purpose but can add to the overall aesthetics of your garden. A walkway prevents grass and other plants from being tread over and help define spaces. Various types of stones can serve to complement the garden and add texture. Paths can be winding and whimsical or linear and distinct depending on the nature of your garden and your home.

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Modern gardens often go beyond simple beauty and help provide sustainability. Home owners frequently include edible plants like vegetables and fruit trees to improve their home’s value and reduce the expense of providing food for the family. Herb gardens are growing in popularity as they serve many purposes. Herbs create attractive landscapes and can also be employed in the kitchen. Some even have the benefit of repelling pests as mentioned in the following section.

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Various flowers, herbs, and plants are recognized for their pest repelling properties. Lemon-grass is reputed to ward off biting and stinging insects while mint is a mouse deterrent. Basil and catnip are also effervescent plants that dissuade an array of pests. Marigolds are notorious for keeping bugs away and are widely used as a companion plant in vegetable gardens. As a bonus, they frequently volunteer the following year. Geraniums, garlic, rosemary, petunias, and nasturtium all ward off certain types of critters. Contact a local master gardener or use the Internet to find out what plant would best aid you in repelling the pests that plague you.

If you are buying garden plants from an online plant nursery, you should take a number of important precautions to make certain that you get high quality plants in splendid condition. Follow these suggestions when buying nursery plants online.

Check the USDA zone on plants you are considering, especially if you are planning to grow them outdoors. Some nursery websites also offer other tools that can assist you with garden layout and plant selection.

Don’t forget to add the expense of shipping to your order when comparing prices. In addition, check the site’s shipping policy. Many online nurseries will only ship your plants at the appropriate time for planting. You can order fall plants in March, for example, but they will not ship until it’s time to plant fall plants in your region. Most will notify you when your plants have shipped so that you will be able to make arrangements to receive them.

Online garden centers often ship plants bare rooted to save on shipping costs-dirt is heavy and expensive to ship! Your plants will be fine. However, you must be prepared to get them into the soil within a day or two of their arrival.

Another easy project to accentuate your garden and increase your home’s worth is lighting. Lighting at night is considered to make a space more secure and can make a garden that is beautiful during the day whimsical and enigmatic at night. Solar lights, spot lights, and even rope lights strategically placed will make an evening stroll through your garden pleasurable.

This is just a sample of the projects you can do to be added to the splendor of your garden and thereby increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Garden centers, nurseries, and greenhouses carry a lot of these products and make improvements affordable and fun.