Get Your Home Clean for Christmas

We’re just ten days away from Christmas, and you probably have your shopping done and the menu planned. In your haste to finish these annual tasks, however, you may well have forgotten one of the most important: cleaning your home. You will likely have many relatives and friends coming by over the next two weeks, and you want to make the best impression possible this time of year.

Here are some tips on how you can get your home clean for Christmas:


Think about where your guests will be during the days ahead, and make a list of what needs to be done in these spots. Prioritize the ones which need the most attention (eg. the dining room and living room are high traffic areas, the basement not so much).

Clean the Kitchen

Make sure that all food preparation areas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Remove any superfluous materials in the general area; you will need as much room as possible to work and move around freely.

Eliminate the Clutter

You with have a lot of people, gifts, coats, boots, and other things to deal with, so try to make some extra room. Look around each of your rooms and decide on what won’t be needed. These things can go into the basement or attic for now (or into the garbage, if you have been putting it off).

Enlist Help

The family enjoys Christmas together, so there’s no reason that everyone living under this roof can’t help to clean it. After all, they were the ones who made it a mess in the first place!


The crack in the living room wall you didn’t have time to fix? Christmas decorations can hide it for now. That stain the dog made on the rug in the corner? Try putting the Christmas tree there this year.

There is nothing wrong with a little cheating when you are down to the wire. However, you must promise to add these forgotten tasks to your New Year’s Resolutions list.

Happy Holidays!

Christmas Tree Shopping Tips

We are already more than halfway through November. Americans are preparing for Thanksgiving and Canadians are already planning for the Christmas season. Most families choose the first week or second week of December as the perfect time to put up their Christmas tree.

Here are some tips that will help ensure you get the right tree for your home and experience the least amount of hassle:

Measure the Room and Doorways

This seems like a basic step, but it’s easy to forget: measure the area where the tree will be. Figure out the maximum height and width available to you. You don’t want to have the top of the tree staining your ceiling.

Make sure that the tree will also clear your doorways and not damage anything in the area where you will be bringing it in. Also, measure your tree stand to ensure that it will accommodate the trunk size. It is a considerable hassle to shave the sides of a trunk and this will also hasten the tree’s demise.

Choose a Fresh One

The longer your tree stays fresh, the more appealing (and less messy) it is. When looking at prospective choices, run your hand along a branch. If many needles come off, the tree will not last until Christmas. Needles that don’t give off a scent when crushed are another indication that a tree is past its prime.

Give it a Shake (or a Blow)

Most trees are tied for transport, but make sure that the proprietor has either shook the tree or blown off the dead needles using a leaf blower. That guarantees less of a mess in your home.

Open Up the Trunk

It’s wise to saw off a bit of the trunk before placing it in your stand. This makes it easier for water absorption, which also helps to prolong the tree’s freshness.