The Difference Between Interior Decoration and Interior Design

Your new home is well on its way to becoming everything you hoped it would be. The exterior has a fresh coat of paint, the roof has been repaired and shingled, the driveway has been repaved, and both the lawn and garden are looking lush and alive. All that’s left is to spruce up the interior.

The consensus is to trust this important task to a professional, but does that mean you will need to hire an interior decorator or an interior designer? Here are the essential differences.

Interior Designers

Members of this profession undergo formal training that focuses on such components as spacial planning, drawing, and architecture. Those successfully completing these studies may start their own companies or first gain experience, in an apprentice or employment capacity, with another interior designer. Some areas state that those identifying themselves in this occupation require certification indicating that they have met minimum standards of knowledge and ability.

Interior designers can help to plan a space from the ground up or supervise renovations that change the dimensions and/or function of it. They usually do this in conjunction with contractors and architects.

OK, that doesn’t sound like what you need as the structure is finished, and you are happy with how that part of the house looks. How about an Interior Decorator then?

Interior Decorators

This profession does not require any form of accreditation. That said, the best interior decorators are quite knowledgeable, thanks to completing schooling related to their profession. When interviewing prospective interior decorators, be sure to ask them about their educational background and how it might relate to the work you wish them to do on your home.

Interior decorators collaborate directly with clients in order to accurately reflect the latter’s wishes. When they have that information, the decorator will make additional recommendations and then enlist suppliers in order to acquire the materials needed.

This is indeed the professional you would look for to help finish this aspect of your home’s redesign. In addition to speaking with designers, it also helps to shop around, checking out reviews and getting feedback from past clients before making a decision. You can also ask to see examples of the designer’s previous work.