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In today’s technologically advance era, it is not surprising to see people busy on their smartphones. Seriously, if a person is busy reading books or doing sight-seeing, he or she would be considered as a lunatic or a reserved person. The influence that smartphones have can even been seen in our day to day lives like reading a newspaper.

Nowadays, people consider it to be a tedious task to buy a newspaper and carry it to their home or office. People have started to go online to get the details of the current affairs and news from various online news portals.

Online News Portal – Reading News With Ease

Years back, reading newspaper was one of the best hobbies and most important morning activity. But things have changed now. The role of the Internet has somewhat modified the way we read newspaper. Today, people are so absorbed in getting the day to day affairs and news from online news website.

The best part of online news portal is that it allows you to read news with ease. We are all on our phones and computers anyways whether we are online shopping, browsing hookup apps trying to fuck tonight or playing the most popular meet and fuck games. So why not take an extra second to be informed on the adult world? With a smartphone and a single click of a button, you can come to know what is happening in the US, UK and other countries. Somewhat it is so simple and common just like having a pet.

Advantages of Online News Website

  • Saves a lot of your money
  • Retains the old age habit of reading the latest news
  • Keeps you updated about the latest and hot news at every second

Top Online News Portals

Associated Press News

You might be reading a lot of news and as you go downwards, you will see the Associated Press (AP) credited throughout the article. This is one of the trustworthy news agencies that reports the latest stories first. Other news agencies pick the news from them and re-run in their own portal.

Interestingly, AP is a non-profit organization and has no kind of corporate sponsorship. Also, it is not even government funded but the entire funds are raised through crowd sourcing.

Google News

Having more than 150 million unique visitors each month, Google News is one of the best international news portals. Currently ranked as the number one globally in the Alex ranking, it is one of the most visited and read news portal.


Despite, being the news agency centered in UK, people all around the world enjoy reading the latest and hard-hitting news of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It is one of the largest broadcasters in the world funded by the British government. So, it does not have any corporate interest.

Besides being one of the top news agencies in UK, it has a history of more than 90 years along with the reputation of producing accurate and unbiased news.

Yahoo! News

Ranked number 7 in the Alex Ranking, this is one of the best online news agencies having more than 175 million unique visitors. Yahoo! News provides the latest news and current affairs details related to finance, sports, entertainment, politics, and more.

The Bureau Of Investigative Journalism

Even though it is firmly focused on politics, the news and stories of this news portal is read by people all around the world. The Bureau Of Investigative Journalism is a non-profit and independent media organization.

In addition, it has few ties with individuals that can influence the political leanings in most countries. Furthermore, the Bureau publishes various stories that are in conjunction with various other outlets which are from both sides of a spectrum.

Huffington Post

One of the best international news agencies, the Huffington Post has more than 110 million unique online visitors each month. Even though it ranks at 25,114 in globally in Alexa ranking, it is very much similar to Yahoo News in terms of news reporting.

It provides news related to all the sections of the society like entertainment, politics, sports, technology, and more. Unlike other news portals the website of Huffington Post is very clean and it provides a unique layout. This is very much liked by visitors who constantly visit this online news portal.


Having more than 95 million unique visitors each month, CNN is one of the fastest growing online news portals in the world. It has a huge fan base and it is clear with the various downloads it gets from its apps in the ‘Play Store’ and ‘App Store’. This news portal is ranked 103 globally in Alexa ranking.


Online news agencies have indeed revolutionized the way we read newspapers. However, it has reduced the sale and production of print media which is the traditional newspaper.

Now most people enjoy reading online news as it is portable. You get to read it while you are on office breaks, while traveling in a bus or carpooling or even while jogging. Somewhat you can say that the Internet has made us get access to the latest news and current affairs 24/7 within our smartphone.

What is Buzzfeed?

Buzzfeed is the most popular digital media, which has news stories in politics, entertainment, business, lifestyle and many more. The company won the National award for their excellent investigative journalism on the news “From Russia with blood”. Buzzfeed investigated this case for 2 years about the death of Scot Young, which was simply closed by police. There are thousands of interesting and bold investigative journalists in Buzzfeed who go beyond the lines to present the real news to people.

Buzzfeed started without any writers or editors, solely based on technology. Everything was automated until Buzzfeed became popular and needed more perfection. The digital media, Buzzfeed based in New York became famous all over the world and is now available in 12 countries in six different languages. It was from 2015, after nine years of its establishment Buzzfeed invested its efforts on investigative journalism to do more than share news. The impact on society has been immense. Buzzfeed has always been very successful while fundraising since 2011. This year it earned more than 250 million dollars.

Buzzfeed initially started with the technology of finding the most famous news and sending them as messages. BuzzFeed continued to maintain its technological additions, by owning Kingfish Labs to focus on Facebook optimizing. Later in 2014, BuzzFeed bought the ownership of Torando Labs to have a Data engineering team to work technically. Journalism in the technology era is all in the hands of engineers who have the power to make small news famous.

The range of topics that is covered is almost infinite. Of course content includes daily trending topics, pop culture, and general news. The prolific site also covers food with articles about restaurants and recipes, travel with ratings of destinations and hotels, and romance and adult dating with articles like “is double list the best backpage alternative.” There really aren’t any topics that Buzzfeed avoids and they continue to expand into different areas in media.


Permanent writers and editors are hired based on their skills and qualifications. The themes for writers in Buzzfeed are many. Many writers have started their careers in Buzzfeed and the freedom of investigative journalism in recent years attracted a lot more journalists to work for Buzzfeed. The style, design patterns, and advertisement content are specially designed considering both technology and news. Which is also the main reason for the popularity of Buzzfeed. However, last year 4000 employees had to be left out.

Many posts around 4000 are deleted after the news is old enough. Having the old or earlier news seemed to decrease the interest. Hence the news is always shuffling of curious surfing people. Such tactics are well used by BuzzFeed to have the main news as much attention as possible.

Other channels:

Buzzfeed has different platforms like Buzzfeed media brands, Buzzfeed commerce, Buzzfeed originals, Buzzfeed news, Buzzfeed studios and many more. They have different kinds of the medium from articles to video journalism. Advertising in Buzzfeed in simple enough and a large number of brands advertises without any hurdles as the targeted audience is selected with the latest technology in BuzzFeed. The whole industry is recreated by Buzzfeed involving the company in every possible aspect. The unique feature of this always remains technology involvement as it is one of the first digital media companies to use advanced technology. In any case, without excellent content and news, Buzzfeed would have never become worldwide famous. Every person contributed to the success of Buzzfeed in their ways.

Getting Into Reddit

Introduction to Reddit

In terms of popularity, it is in the sixth place amongst all the popular websites in the United States. Reddit is a platform, it’s mostly a collection of forums and people from various backgrounds share the contents or comment on the other people’s posts or update news on this platform. Reddit also has very popular advertising opportunities via Reddit Advertising.

Millions of subreddits come together and make the whole community which is called Reddit. Different subreddits covers different topics of interest. For example, if your interest is a Barbie doll then you have a subreddit which is termed like /r/barbie doll. Any subreddit starts with /r/ symbol, Reddit uses this as a part of the URL which gets the user on the Reddit page. When you try to use something new you’ll have to learn from the initial state and with Reddit, it is the same.

So to start with the home page consists of all the famous and trending subreddits posts including news, videos, memes blogs, etc., which are liked by many people. You can sort out these posts according to your interest, also there will be an option which will help you to sort the posts by selecting new, top, rising, best and many more.

There is a search bar at the top of the website so that you can search the topic of your interest. There are a few criteria that you have to meet before posting anything on the Reddit page. The first criterion is you need to have a credit account and the second criteria are that your account should be at least 30 days old. And the third criterion is that your account must be active and it should earn a minimum number of points which is called Karma for the particular post that you have posted. The minimum and maximum points are decided by Reddit. Volunteers who work for Reddit are called moderators who have all the right to filter the content which is getting posted on the website and they have the right to remove the post or any content which they feel that is abusive or a provocative. They have the power to completely ban a subreddit if they feel that this is somewhere abusive or hurting the feelings of humans.

Boost Your subreddit

The up and down arrows can be seen next to any post in a subreddit and in between these two arrows you will also get to see a number. The users of Reddit can upvote or downvote the post according to their likes or dislike and the number is the sum of upvotes and downvotes.

The Karma in the Reddit website will help you to Boost Your subreddit in the Reddit community.

Like most of the social media has even Reddit has its very own language. The people who use Reddit, talk in a language which uses abbreviations such as TIL, OP, AMA;  abbreviations mean, “today I learned”, “original poster” and “ask me anything”. The above-given abbreviations are one of the most popular features used in Reddit. The “ask me anything” thread is popular for the most famous personalities like politicians or movie actors or actresses or maybe someone who has amazing life experience. Sometimes you might find very humorous and notorious interviews among these threads.

Supporting the Reddit community

To support the community of Reddit you can also purchase a membership program that comes at $6 a month. The users who opt for this premium membership will get to access the features which are not even released by Reddit yet. And yes the ads are completely gone you will never see an ad when you pay for a premium membership. And if you do not want to pay for this it comes for free as well and it’s an amazing group for everyone to talk to each other to share facts and many more. In recent days it has become a popular platform amongst the youth.

If you feel that Reddit is is your kind of a page then you are always invited to join the group. What you have to do is just click on the sign-up button which is available on the top right corner of the main Reddit website page. Then you just need to follow the instructions which are given to you and yes that it also has an option of creating many users that is multiple users with different names. You can set up multiple accounts and create many subreddits and participate in spreading positivity and awareness in the Reddit world. When you get signed in for the first time on Reddit then you will have options on which boards to choose according to your interest so that, the home page will consist of the subreddits of your interest.

How do People Monetize YouTube Content?

YouTube is a website with a concept that rests on video showing services for users across the world. The users may easily download or select a video for viewing it and also share the same and comment as well as click likes and even upload their own videos on the site. In other words, YouTube allows users to freely watch videos and search for their favorite ones from the huge video store it has. You may also upload your own video channel or subscribe or follow other YouTube channels and users. The site has user friendly software that easily allows you to organize videos and even group videos under one umbrella. Last but not the least is that it allows users to monetize their contents and channels.

People love to watch visual presentation that is dramatic and full of fun and entertainment rather than plain written content. As YouTube comprises of only videos it is obvious that most people would become fast fans of it without fail. Besides, becoming an entertaining platform for users to watch it offers enough scope for people to make use of it for earning huge revenue. It is seen that some individual earnings from YouTube are quite mind boggling and there are no limits as to how much you may earn.

Monetization of YouTube Content

Many users may find YouTube as an excellent platform to watch video and even share them with other users. However, there are several users that regard this as an opportunity to earn revenue. YouTube website allows all users to monetize their content under some strict terms and conditions that all users need to adhere to.

If you want to build up your channel for earning potential in YouTube then you need to join YouTube Partner Program or YPP. This would enable you to create the first step by which you may start earning. This program is however only for a few select countries only. YouTube doesn’t want problems with certain laws that are currently there in some countries. This may in the long run create problems for it. Again, it doesn’t deal with regions that have volatile political and social policies. It also avoids countries that superimpose their own restrictive standards on it. Check out this video to learn more about YPP:

In case you wish to ascertain whether you belong to any of the countries that are not allowed then you may easily check them at YouTube official page. If on the other hand you belong to a country that is YouTube officially accepts then you may follow the screen steps by entering YouTube Studio and select ‘Monetization’. After this you take the next step by accepting YouTube Partnering Program. While doing so you must set out your preferences for you videos. You may also change these settings in the future when you wish to do so.

You then need to sign up for Adsense Account so that you get paid when you videos are viewed. After this your account would be reviewed by YouTube officially as there is program threshold that allows you to earn money through your channels and videos.

In order to earn money the minimum threshold point is 4000 hours of actual viewing done within the previous 12 months and also you must have a minimum of 1000 subscribers. This also helps the official YouTube site to track malware, spammers and other rogue actors on the Internet.

Multiple Ways to Earn Money from YouTube

There are multiple ways by which you may earn revenue once you have become an accepted partner. It is usually seen that for most channels advertisements is the main source of income or revenue. Hence, you must go through the guidelines and terms and conditions of YouTube policies. You will notice that you may not be able to earn much revenue from restricted contents as well as for viewership problems. Some contents are not allowed to be seen by persons below the age of 18 years. While others require the persons to be above 13 years yet viewed under parent supervision only.

When you have analyzed your options then you may find advertisers willing to place their ads on your contents so that you earn money from them. Again, if you upload any sensitive or controversial videos you ought to turn off ads so that you don’t violate the policies of YouTube.

Besides, advertisement revenue you may also go for subscription revenue by inviting subscribers to your videos on monthly or quarterly basis.

On the other hand you may sell merchandise along with channel viewing. This may be any items that are in great demand. If you so wish you may allow your fans or viewers to purchase Super Chats on your channel so that you may have live chats with them and thereby earn substantial revenue.

Apart from the above you may also opt for Brand Deals and earn huge amounts by working with established brands. Otherwise, you may go for YouTube Premium which is a paid membership and if you are a good creator of videos.